X-Max V2 Pro Dry Herb Hemp Vaporizer Review

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the x-max v2 pro dry herb vape pen works with cbd and hemp flower

The X-Max V2 Pro vaporizer review takes us a new direction. Most of the time, small vaporizers like this work with waxes and concentrates only. But not so fast! The X-Max V2 Pro works with both waxes and dry herbs. This device is larger than a vape pen, but still smaller than most handheld portable vaporizers. I guess we call it an in between size! Very small and portable, fits easily in your hand and a shirt pocket. But still large enough to house a heating chamber capable of vaporizing dry herb. That includes dry hemp flower with CBD.

Before going further the X-Max V2 Pro utilizes conduction heating. That means the heat is applied directly to the materials. So the heated surface of the heating chamber applies the heat to the material to vaporize the active ingredients. The other type of heating used by vaporizers is convection, which uses hot air circulation to vaporize materials. Which type of heating is better? At Hemp Unfiltered we prefer convection heating. However, conduction is ok so long as the device efficiently vaporizes materials and does not burn them. The X-Max V2 Pro passes that test hence we published a review.

Our main concern with the X-Max is the conduction heating process. Typically, we prefer convection heating. As a general rule we like to see vaporizers where the materials don’t come directly into contact with metal. Metal heating chambers do work, but with less room for error. And often less efficiently. However, in this case, we reviewed the X-Max V2 Pro and found that it works well. This is not a cheap, no name brand you find for $60 in a head shop. The V2 Pro is a better mousetrap and is easy on the pocket book.

X-Max V2 Pro Vaporizer Review

review and technical specs of the xmax v2 pro portable vape

Right off the bat in our X-Max V2 Pro vaporizer review let’s tell you the two biggest pros.

  1. Works with dry herb and concentrates
  2. Costs less than $80

And now the biggest con.

  • The biggest con on the X-Max V2 Pro is the heating chamber and metal materials

That is my review in a nutshell! The device vapes very well. I tried it with both hemp flower and CBD concentrates. The diverse functionality is a huge plus. The flavor vibrance lags in comparison to higher end vaporizers. But the flavor is still good. And that’s the deal here. A decent, dual functioning handheld vaporizer device for under $80. That’s what you get! And that’s nothing to sneeze at.

What Comes With The X-Max V2 Pro Starter Kit?

What comes with the X-Max V2 Pro vaporizer kit? It comes with everything you need to get started. That includes tweezers and cleaning tools. The kits comes with all of the following:

  • X-Max V2 Pro Vaporizer
  • 18650 rechargeable vaporizer battery
  • Battery charger
  • Wall adaptor for the battery charger (always a plus to have)
  • Cleaning tool
  • Tweezers
  • Nickel screen (called a net tray)
  • User manual

The kit is very complete except for a carry case. Hemp Unfiltered would like X-Max to include a carry case. The carrying kits is a great idea! X-Max should include one. Handy for when traveling with vaporizers and CBD. Also handy for keeping all of the components together. Use the storage case as your toolkit. It is easy to lose the cleaning tool, which can be a huge hassle. So always keep everything together using the carry case.

X-Max Devices For Hemp and CBD

At Hemp Unfiltered, we posted the X-Max V2 Pro Vaporizer review because it meets our minimum standards. X-max makes solid vapor products. No doubt about it. We know about the copycat and counterfeit vaporizers and vape pens out there. Most are no-name or generic brands sold in head shops. Why do they sell them? Because of the huge markups. These things get made in China for dirt cheap and then sold to retailers and distributors who can make 300% or even 400%. As a result, we remain very wary of cheap, generic vapor products. Especially for our readers who enjoy CBD and hemp vapor. You don’t want THC and you don’t want burned materials.

I become concerned about metal heating chambers that rely on a screen to protect from direct burning. Conduction heating vaporizers do tend to be more inclined to burn the materials. As a general rule, I do not like conduction heating or any devices that use mesh screens. But that is not to say that they are all bad. And X-Max is an exception. In this case, you get a quality device at an affordable price. X-Max makes vaping accessible to any income level. I shouldn’t say that as I know many are struggling. I know I can’t dish out $90 without planning for it. But in general, the X-Max V2 Pro is an affordable vape that does a good job.

When vaping hemp flowers, make sure the CBD THC content is what you want. The THC level should be 0.3% or less. Use an herb grinder to prepare hemp materials for the vaporizer. Don’t grind the hemp into a powder. Instead, grind it to the point that it looks like tobacco. Learning to use a vaporizer takes some trial and error. In general, when finished vaping the materials should be fully dehydrated. That means you got the maximum amount out of your vape!


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