Wisconsin Looking For Hemp Samplers

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wisconsin looking for hemp samplers to inspect local growers

The state of Wisconsin is turning over the regulation of state hemp growers to the federal government. The Department of Agriculture will be taking over the regulation and inspection of local growers and producers. But there is a problem! Namely, Wisconsin Public radio reports that there are only two federally certified hemp samplers in the state. The Department of Agriculture does not appear to have the manpower or resources to take over proper regulation of Wisconsin growers.

Training new samplers is relatively easy and surely there are people willing to do the job. However, the USDA is apparently slow to provide guidance for training and certification. Hemp farmers typically seek certification in the springtime. After the growing season begins. The farmers want this certification because they want to sell their products to an emerging market. They don’t want to be associated with marijuana growers either. Consequently, the USDA has several months to get certification agents in place to work with the Wisconsin hemp farmers. This sounds like a good opportunity for anyone looking to work in the hemp industry. Plus, you get to get out in the country and drive around. Beast working in front of a computer screen!

What Is A Hemp Sampler?

A hemp sampler is someone who goes to a hemp farm, takes a sample, and tests the sample to ensure that the farm is producing plants with low THC levels. In other words, the sampler makes sure that people are growing hemp and not weed! The state of Wisconsin has licensed about 1500 hemp growers. At this time there are not nearly enough samplers to maintain an inspection regimen.

Job opportunity! Wisconsin is in need of hemp samplers. The job is kind of like the people who certify what qualifies as organic in farming. Hopefully the USDA is on this and will soon have a means of training new hemp samplers. It sounds like a fun job. Yes, you’re an inspector and kind of a regulator. But the people you are certifying and investigation want you to! They want you to confirm they are legit. So there is no adversarial processes here. Plus you get out, drive around, see the state. Sounds kind of fun!

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