Wainstar Kylin Pod System Review

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wainstar kylin vape pod review system with cbd liquid

The Wainstar Kylin pod system review from Hemp Unfiltered finds us once again looking at something new. Head shops and vape shops carry all manner of vapor devices. But many of them suck. Many of them are copycats and counterfeits. There haven’t been many new decent brands lately. As a result, I was hoping the Kylin would be show me something. They did.


Wainstar Kylin Pod System Review

kylin refillable pods can use a 50 50 hemp vaping liquid

Now to the nitty gritty of the Wainstar Kylin pod review. I give it an 7 out of 10 as a CBD vape pen. Although I think I wold give it a higher score for a nicotine vape pod device. The reason I give it a little less for a CBD hemp vape is because I think a 1.2 ohm atomizer would be better. I think the flavor performance improves at about 1.2 ohms. Of course flavor also depends on airflow. The Kylin vape pod has a wide open airflow and a restricted airflow. To change the airflow, take out the Kylin pod and flip it around. I like the wide open airflow. However, the flavor is better with the restricted airflow.

Kylin says the wide open airflow is good for direct lung vaping. I believe direct lung vaping is possible but not recommended. I prefer the wide open airflow for a comfortable, mouth to lung vaping experience.

In the process of the Wainstar Kylin pod system review, I made sure that this device delivered. There are so many brands out there. Most are junk. Kylin passes the test.

Kylin Pod Specs

  • 850 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Type C charging
  • Built in battery safety features
  • Kylin pods have a 2 ml capacity
  • Top filling pods
  • Leak proof pods
  • Automatic activation (draw activated)
  • 0.9 oHm mesh coils
  • coils are replaced, not the pod

Kylin Pod Vape Device Uses Coils

This is weird. Once again we venture into new territory.  Remember the Uwell Aeglos tank pod review? When we think of pod devices we think of the pod containing the e-juice and coil in one piece. But the ground has shifted, as it often does in vaping. Now the definition of what constitutes a pod has morphed into any assembly that contains vape liquid and connects to a vape device. I’m not sure I like this definition. The Wainstar Kylin is more like a classic eGo MTL vape device than a pod system. But, whatever. The vapor industry frequently adapts definitions to suit new products. And the Wainstar Kylin pod is a new product, Plus, it’s a good one.

I think we reached a point where anything that snaps in place as opposed to screws in place gets called a “pod”. Magnetic connections where the parts insert into the body of a larger device equals a pod.

How does the Wainstar Kylin pod work? The coil snaps into place. And there is even a small bar that you rotate into place to hold the coil in place. I’m not sure this bar is needed, but a little extra support to prevent leaks seems like a good idea to me. Then, you open the top of the pod and fill with the e-liquid of your choosing. Obviously, I use a hemp vape liquid. And I am looking for flavor!

What Kind Of Vape Liquid Can You Use With The Wainstar Kylin Pod?

The first step of the Wainstar Kylin vape pod system review includes checking the box to see the atomizer resistance of the coils. The box claims an atomizer resistance of 0.8 ohms. Nope. Printing error. The actual atomizer resistance is 0.9 ohms. That means you want to use a 50/50 e-liquid. So if you want to use a CBD vape juice, then use a 50/50 CBD vape juice. That means 50% VG and 50% PG. If the atomizer resistance was lower than 0.7 ohms, I would recommend a 70% VG e-juice. But forget that, you want a 50/50 CBD or hemp vape liquid.

If using a nicotine e-liquid, then you also want a 50/50 vape juice. Do not use any oils or high VG e-liquids. Especially not hemp or CBD oils! They will not work. In fact, they will instantly ruin the coil and the oil will burn. We don’t want any burning going on here! The whole point of vapor devices is to avoid burning.

Using The Kylin Pod With Hemp Juice

The Wainstar Kylin Pod review covers this new pod system. I wanted to cover this because I wanted to see if this new brand measured up to the other quality brands out there. Why? Because so many companies are flooding the market with junk. There are a staple of about a dozen brands that lead the pack and deliver reliable, decent products. I wanted to see if Kylin was among them. It is! So now, can you vape hemp or CBD with the Kylin pod system. Yes you can!

Just make sure to use a 50/50 hemp or CBD vape liquid. I know what you are thinking. “Oh darn, I have to hunt for something called 50/50? What if I get the wrong one? What is I can’t find it?” Don’t worry. Vaping liquids are organized by the PG / VG content. They will be organized by either VG e-liquids or 50/50 e-liquids. No problem!


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