Texas CBD and Vape Shops Sue Over Delta 8

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cbd and vape shops in texas are suing the state over banning delta 8 thc

On October 15, 2021, Texas health officials banned delta 8 THC.  According to federal law, delta 8 THC is allowed. However, Texas does not see it that way. And with the sudden ban, CBD shops and vape shops are scrambling. They are losing business in a hurry. In response, shop owners are suing the state to try and get delta-8 off the banned list. As of right now, the state of Texas classifies delta-8 in the same category as heroin and LSD.

Delta 8 is a mild form of THC. While somewhat psychoactive, the impact is far less potent than regular THC.  Delta 8 derives from the cannabis sativa plant. As a result, under federal law, delta 8 meets the legal standard with a THC delta 9 content under 0.3%. In addition, delta 8 represents the best selling product in the Texas hemp and CBD market. CBD and vape shop owners found themselves virtually out of business overnight. With one stroke of the pen.

Rick Trojan the third, president of Texas’ hemp business association, said that the move offers no scientific basis. And really the move came out of nowhere. With absolutely no warning.

Delta 8 Texas Lawsuit

There are a number of Texas companies seeking to take legal action.  Ideally, CBD, hemp, and vape shops will band together. If you own a vape, hemp, or CBD shop in Texas and want to get involved, contact the Hemp Industries Association.

Over the last three or four years, Hemp Unfiltered witnessed the downfall of the independent American vape industry. One of the main reasons that the vapor industry failed to prevent crushing regulation is the fact that companies never joined together. The ‘every man for himself’ mentality proving useless. It is vital for hemp, CBD, and vape companies to come together in this lawsuit.

This is one of many draconian laws coming out of Texas these days. Whether it is voting restrictions, bounties on women, and now delta-8, Texas seems bound and determined to be known for two things:

  1. Sweetheart tax deals for rich guys
  2. Regressing back to 1952

Hemp Unfiltered wishes Texas CBD and vape shops all the best. The outcome of the case will likely depend on who the judge is. That’s just the way it goes. Progress always seems to be two steps forward and one, or three, steps back.

Update: November 9, 2021

The Texas lawsuit against the state government worked! A Travis County judge has blocked the state from banning sales of Delta8. CBD stores and vape shops are allowed to put Delta8 back on the shelves. A CBD company in Austin called Hometown Hero led the lawsuit.

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