Stillwater, Minnesota City Council Ban

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photo of a typical small town american downtown represetaitive of stillwater mn where they have blocked a new hemp store photo by seth dewey

There is still an unfortunate stigma attached to hemp and CBD. People have gone through a lifetime of hearing about how cannabis is bad. The demonization of cannabis has been going on for 100 years. It should come as no surprise that good, well-intentioned people have a hard time distinguishing the difference between THC, hemp, and CBD. Oh, and there is a huge difference! Comparing CBD to THC is like comparing rye grain to vodka. Yes, they are related but they are definitely not the same thing!

City council is Stillwater, Minnesota is struggling through just such a dilemma. The members of the council are not opposed to CBD, but they haven’t quite figured it out yet. The old perceptions are hard to shake off. The Stillwater council seems to be in a place where they recognize that they don’t quite understand what they are dealing with. So they are not banning CBD from the stores currently selling it. Instead they are saying no new stores can sell CBD for one year. Essentially, they gave themselves one year to try and figure it out.

Why Did Stillwater Temporarily Block A New CBD Store?

Stillwater, Minnesota has a population of about 20,000 people. The number of cats and dogs is unknown at this time! But I suspect a large number of nice kitties and very, very good boys. At any rate, There are already two CBD stores in downtown Stillwater. Both successful and popular. Someone was going to open a third store. That is when the city council decided to pump the breaks. No doubt they wonder about connections between CBD and reefer madness. But no worry, Stillwater, there is no connection between CBD and reefer madness! This is a tough bias to shake for the hemp industry but we are getting there.

How do I know we are getting there? Look how successful the first two stores were! So much so, a third shop was going to open. If a town of 20,000 supports three hemp and CBD stores, well I think you can see we are breaking through the stereotypes and stigma. I would recommend that Stillwater council members start regularly visiting Hemp Unfiltered. Because we get their concerns. By the way, CBD is said to help anxiety! Anyway, about those doubts. We had them as well! All are welcome here.

I am inclined to think that after council learns more about hemp products, they will welcome the business with open arms.

By the way folks, the featured photo for this article is from Seth Dewey and Thank you:)

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