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Hemp Unfiltered takes a look at a new vape pod system. Our Smok Solus review covers the specs, the cost, and how it vapes. Typically, pod systems use nicotine e-liquid. However, most pod vapes work with 50/50 CBD vape juice. And by 50/50 we mean the VG and PG ratio. So before we get into the review. let me explain.

There are multiple ways of vaping CBD:

  • Dry herb with hemp flower
  • CBD oil with an oil vape pen
  • CBD in vape liquid for an e-cigarette device

Vaping CBD with the Smok Solus requires CBD in a vape liquid. What is in CBD vape liquid? The ingredients are vegetable glycerin, or VG, propylene glycol, or PG, and CBD. Both VG and PG are everyday food additives. For example, look on your toothpaste ingredients and you see propylene glycol listed. These are everyday additives both deemed safe by the FDA. As a general rule, VG creates a lot of vapor. And PG carries flavor. The CBD is obviously the active ingredient. In order to vape CBD with an e-cig pod or mod, you need to use CBD vape juice. And in the case of the Smok Solus, you need to use a 50/50 CBd vape juice.

Smok Solus Review

smok solus review

Let’s start the Smok Solus vape review with, what the hell is this thing! Okay, will do. The Smok Solus is a vape pod system. What is that? Vapes come in different shapes and sizes. Mods use vape thanks the user manually fills with e-liquid. E-cigs use replaceable cartridges. Pods use a type of cartridge that inserts into the body of the device. Pods can either be refilled or be disposable. The Solus uses refillable pods. As a result, you can put your own vape liquid, including hemp CBD e-juice.

The Solus pod design is fantastic. The magnetic connections are a perfect blend of firm stability but also ease of use. And the phrase ease of use will be used a lot in my Smok Solus review. Why? Because it is easy to use! Most pod systems are. But what makes the Solus pods different is how easy it is to put in the vape liquid. The fill port opening allows for easy filling. easy. That word again!  I like it. The other thing I like about the Solus pods is the vapor output. In my opinion, more than other pods of similar size. I think the reason why is the size of the mesh coil and the resistance level, which is something new for pods.

At the end of the day, pod systems are all about easy of use, size, and convenience. Pod systems offer more vapor output than their predecessor e-cigarettes because they tend to operate at a lower resistance. For example, the Solus pushes the envelope with a 0.9 oHm resistance level. In addition, Smok utilizes a mesh coil. That means more surface area which means more and more flavorful vapor. Technically qualifying as a sub ohm vape, but not really. You still use 50/50 CBD e-liquid or nicotine salt e-juice.

How to Fill Smok Solus Pods

hemp unfiltered review of the smok solus includes instructions on how to refill the replacement pods

The image above is courtesy of Smoktech. And really, the diagram says it all. Remember when I was talking about ease of use? Well you can see it right here. You pull out the pod, flip open the rubber stopper, and put in your vape liquid. Again, be is 50/50 nicotine salt e-juice or 50/50 CBD derived from hemp.

And like I was saying earlier, there may appear to be be nothing new to how to refill the Smok Solus replacement pods, but the ease here is different. The rubber stopper is accessible even for clumsy, meat hands like me. On top of that, the hole where you put the liquid is big enough that you do it without dripping and spilling everywhere. My review rating for Solus pods is a 9/10 because a better design deserves a better ranking. In fact, I don’t know what I would need for a 10, but I stick at 9 just in case someone else comes up with an even easier way to refill pods. But as of now, Solus is king of the hill.

Smok Solus Starter Kit and Price

It is a good bet that you will be able to find the Smok Solus kit for around $20 and less. A real one, too! Can you order online and get it mailed to you? That depends on where you live. You might have to get it from a hemp or vape shop. At the time of our Smok Solus review, the kits comes with the following:

  • Smok Solus device
  • 1 x Smok Solus 3 ml capacity 0.9 oHm mesh coil pod
  • User Manual

You may notice something missing from this kit. Specifically, a micro USB charging cable. Chances are you have one kicking around the house somewhere. I know we have at least six micro USB cables around here from phones and other gadgets. Leaving out a USB cable you don’t need saves space and I’m sure helps reduce the cost of the kit. That’s a good thing. But if you don’t have a micro USB cable around, then it is not such a good thing. So I don’t know how I feel about this. I think it is a wash.

By the way, I almost left this out of the Smok Solus review which would be a major oops! The Solus comes in the following color options:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Blue and purple
  • Cyan and pink
  • Gold and red

Must say I love the two-tone color schemes. But color is always a personal preference.

Smok Solus Specs

  • 700 mAh rechargeable battery
  • 100 mm tall
  • 21 mm wide
  • Weighs 32 grams
  • 4 Watt to 16 Watt output
  • Resistance range from 0.9 oHm to 3.0 oHm
  • 5 volt charging

The Smok Solus detects puffs longer than 10 seconds. This is a standard safety feature that also help prevent over taxing batteries.


Smok Solus Replacement Pods

where to buy smok solus replacement pods

  • Smok Solus 3 ml capacity replacement pods are sold in packs of three and retail for about $12. Each replacement pod contains the 0.9 oHm mesh coil. Good. Pods can be refilled and re-used roughly eight time before requiring replacement.  Translating that to a more predictive number, you might say that each pod will vaporize roughly 30 ml of vape liquid. Of course, this varies. For example, someone who takes long- heavy puffs will burn through the coil faster than a light puffer. As a result, you will know when to replace the pod when the flavor and vapor diminish. Or if a burnt taste is noted.

Smok Solus Vape Pod Review Results and Summary

    • PRICE – 8/10 – The price of the device is very reasonable. In fact, it’s better than reasonable. You can’t beat less than $20. Heck, disposable vapes cost more.  Right now, the cost for replacement pods is about $4 each. I would like to see that at $3. But I understand that mesh coils cost more. So, still pretty good. An excellent value.
    • VAPOR AND FLAVOR – 9/10 – the 0.9 oHm mesh coils and up to 16 watt output deliver brilliant flavor and vapor. This is not your typical pod vape from 2017. This is better.
    • EASE OF USE – 9/10 – Hard to imagine what more you could ask for in terms of making a pod vape system that is easy to use.

Warning About Counterfeit Smok Vape Devices

Smok, Smoktech, makes popular vape devices. In fact, Smok has been a leader in pod designs for several years now. The problem is that when you are good, the counterfeiters take note. Going back to the Smok Alien mod kit and TFv8 vape tanks, everyone copies Smok. The problem of counterfeiting we see with hemp and CBD vapes, has long been in issue for everyday vaping as well. Just to give you the scale of the problem, consider that a couple dozen really good factories in China make most vape products. However, there are hundreds of manufacturers. So what are the not so good factories making? Copycats.

The good, name brand hemp, CBD, and vape devices come with authenticity codes. The authenticity codes are necessary because of the prevalence of fakes on the market. And to be frank, the fakes flood the market. You see them at discount online stores and in retail stores. The fakes look just like the real thing, including the packaging. Always check the authenticity code. And better yet, only buy from reputable vendors. If you see a price that seems too good to be true, probably looking at a fake.

The danger of a fake is that the quality lags because they are made with inferior quality components. Particularly low quality batteries. In my view, the biggest risks include burned materials and a device that does not last. Then you have no warranty protection because…it’s a fake. The warranty does not apply. Warranty applies to the devices made by the authentic manufacturer. And by the way, the same rule applies to CBD products. Keep it in mind.

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