New York Cannabis Control Board Regulates CBD

Hemp Legalization & Regulatory News for Hemp Businesses
new york cannabis board regulates the hemp and cbd market

The New York State Cannabis Board has announced the latest regulations governing hemp and CBD in the state. The good news is that CBD remains legal. It is a natural product with no psychoactive properties. It does not make you get high! There were only minor modifications to the law and the future of CBD access in New York looks good. If you live in New York and use CBD products to enhance your quality of life, don’t worry. It’s all good! Unless you smoke CBD cigarettes. Other than that, hemp rules!

When the Cannabis Board met on November 3, 2021 it was largely to decide the fate of selling hemp flower. Hemp flower is sold in flower form. As a result, it can be used in cooking, vaping, or smoking. And it is smoking that drew the concern of the board. As such, they considered banning the same of hemp flower. But they did not. Instead, they banned rolled cigarettes and flower designed and packaged to be smoked. They also banned Delta-8 THC. No surprise. The big takeaway is that CBD sellers can’t sell products rolled or otherwise designed to be smoked.

Overall, the hemp business in New York is wide open and full of promise.

New York CBD regulations

  • CBD cigarettes are not allowed to be sold in New York. Hemp flower can be sold, but not hemp flower for smoking. This is not surprising. Years ago the State of New York instituted a stipulation for medical cannabis. The stipulation was that medical marijuana can be vaporized but not smoked. For example, New York allows the use of medical marijuana with a device like the XMax V2 Pro herb vaporizer. The state is trying to discourage smoking any material. That makes some sense. That’s why Hemp Unfiltered keeps  track of the latest and best dry herb vaporizers. To be clear, in New York hemp flower can be sold so long as it is not packaged or intended to be used for smoking.
  • The ban on Delta-8 THC remains in effect with. Delta-8 is milder that regular THC, but still psychoactive.
  • CBD is legal.

New York hemp growers have 6 months to bring themselves to full compliance with the new hemp regulations. It is expected that there will be very little interruption in how the Empire Sate’s CBD and Hemp sellers and growers operate. The big change will be the crackdown on CBD cigarettes but that is more reflective of a crackdown on smoking as opposed to CBD or hemp.

Hemp Unfiltered acknowledges the beneficial intent of banning CBD cigarettes. However, studies do show that CBD cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco. Of course! Tobacco is treated with noxious chemicals and produces 7,000 byproducts, many of which are carcinogenic. So it does strike us as somewhat odd that you can still buy regular cigarettes but not CBD cigarettes. A bit of a disconnect there. But it is what it is.

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