Montana Reverses Course On CBD Ban

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montana separates marijuana and cbd in new law

A few weeks ago, Hemp Unfiltered reported on the Montana CBD ban. It was weird because Montana legalized recreational marijuana use but at the same time slapped restrictions on CBD. Essentially, the state lumped in CBD with marijuana. The state failed to recognize that products with less than 0.3% THC should not be regulated like marijuana. As a result of the cannabis legalization law, hemp and vape shops had to pull CBD from the shelves. Well that is over. Hemp and vape shops can go back to business as usual. This is also excellent news for Montana hemp growers.

What we continue to see among local, state, and national policy leaders is not to be unexpected. The conversations they have in cloak rooms are the same conversations I had with hemp growers when I first heard of CBD! I grew up thinking cannabis was the green menace. The potential downfall of civilization. Little did we know then of the potential benefits of medical marijuana. Then along comes hemp and nutritional hemp products. Turns out hemp is pretty good for you! Lots of omega fatty acids and other good things. Finally, we have CBD.

Overcoming Preconceptions

Asking people to separate their preconceptions of CBD because it is from cannabis is not easy. But we are getting there. Now listen, if someone sees some taboo in CBD, just realize that is a result of a lifetime of propaganda about the demonization of cannabis. And look, we are not fans of THC. Not enemies either. But at Hemp Unfiltered our focus is on hemp and cannabidiol. In order to overcome preconceptions we must challenge our beliefs from time to time. That’s a healthy approach to any subject matter.

We make progress. Just like in Montana. Once people understand that CBD is not THC then we can move forward. This is good news because more and more evidence suggests cannabidiol may just be a benefit to many people. So great job, Montana! And great news for Montana hemp farmers!

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