Lemonnade X Micro+ Vape Pen Review

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hemp unfiltered review of the new grenco science lemonnade g pen micro plus for hemp concentrates

The Lemonnade X Micro+ vape pen review is all about concentrates! Made by Grenco Science, the Lemonnade vape pen works with waxes and concentrates. This is not a dry herb vaporizer. Concentrate vaporizers work with resin, shatter, wax, and oil. Not herb and flower. Listen, sometimes when shopping at a dispensary they don’t actually know the products they sell you. And in many cases, it is not the right device. We hear this all the time at Hemp Unfiltered. Perhaps even worse, too many retail stores and dispensaries sell generic or copycat vape devices. Few of which are any good at all. For example, a lot of cheap wax pens have metal coils. And this does not work. You need a device like the Lemonnade X Micro to properly vape waxes and concentrates.

Okay, I can’t just leave you with that statement and not explain! Here we go. Waxes and concentrates are made of concentrated forms of the active ingredients in hemp or cannabis plants. In order to heat and vaporize these materials, metal coils do not work because they burn the materials. And folks, as you know, burning is what we are trying to avoid here! As a result, you need vape pen coils made of ceramics or quartz. Bother ceramic and quartz coils vaporize without burning. In the case of the Lemonnade X Micro Plus pen, it uses bot quartz and ceramic coils.

I would not review a vape pen that did not meet minimum standards. In the case of the Lemonnade, we indeed meet the minimum standard. Namely the quartz and ceramic coils. With that out of the way, let’s get into the details.

Grenco Science Lemonnade X Micro Plus Vape Pen Review

First point in the Lemonnade X Micro+ review. Grenco Science makes this device. And that is a good thing. Look, many Chinese companies make counterfeit and clone devices that fail to meet any quality standard. With Grenco Science you know you are getting good quality. There are a lot of no name brands, too many to begin to cover, but Hemp Unfiltered recommends sticking to the known commodities. You can get an excellent wax vape pen from a good company for under $100. That is the case with the Lemonnade X Micro+, which costs about $90.

The Lemonnade bears striking similarity to the Grenco G Pen Micro Plus we reviewed las month. That includes three temperature settings, fast recharge time thanks to an advanced battery, and ease of use. Of course the lemonnade is bright yellow! You know. Like a lemon. Or like sunshine!

How does the Lemonnade X Micro vape? That’s the $89 dollar question, as well as how much it costs! It vapes great. It really does. This high quality wax vape pen works very well. I think it is a much batter vape than previous generations of portable wax vaporizers because of the smart chip technology. More consistency equals more efficiency as well. And once again what a difference a ceramic vapor path makes. The flavor is excellent.

Lemonnade X Micro Plus Review Features

  • 850 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Smart chip technology for even heating
  • Cartridge recognition technology
  • 510 compatible
  • Ceramic airpath

What do these things mean? Let’s begin and review at the same time.

The 850 mAh rechargeable battery is premium quality. How do I know? Because when testing for the review I recharged the device in a little over an hour. That indicates a quality battery. 850 mAh is good for about a session. It is not a super long lasting battery but this vape pen is made to be small and private. Larger capacity batteries mean larger devices.

Smart chip technology for even heating means that the device monitors the temperature in the heating chamber. That way the heat stays consistent. And that means the vapor output remains consistent.

Cartridge recognition means that the Lemonnade X Micro Plus knows when the Lemonnade tank is attached. If you attach a different cartridge, it will know. And you can use other 510 compatible cartridges. Most vape devices possess 510 threading. As a result, you can use any 510 cartridge but you need the Lemonnade X Micro Plus cartridge for the smart technology to work.

The ceramic airpath, or vapor pathway, means flavor. It means that the materials and vapor never touch metal. Ceramic and glass pathways do seem to deliver a more pure flavor.

What Comes With The Lemonnade X Micro+

grenco science lemonnade x micro plus kit contents and technical specifications

One of the most important parts of the Lemonnade X Micro + review is to tell you what comes with the thing! The kit comes with all of the following:

  • Lemonnade X Micro+ Device
  • 510 threaded Lemonnade X Micro Plus tank with ceramic heating and quartz lining
  • Mouthpiece assembly
  • Tank cover
  • Hemp carry case
  • Keychain cleaning tool
  • USB battery charger

Lemonnade X Micro Plus User Manual

Find the Lemonnade X Micro Plus User Manual here.

The Lemonnade X Micro+ vape pen use manual is available online. An excellent idea. I think we all have enough manuals kicking around. And you can never find them when you want them. The online user manual can be looked up anytime. I do recommend frequently consulting the user manual to learn how to use all of the features and how to use the product safely.



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