The conversation about the legalization of cannabis draws strong opinions from both sides. According to Turhane Doerga, the Chairman of the Guyana Hemp Association, many of the economic woes that Guyana experiences could be solved if the government would support the legalization of the plant. It can also improve the conditions of many hinterland communities.

Last week, the Guyana Hemp Association met with the Foreign Trade Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ask the department about when the use of industrial help would be legalized and regularized. According to the United Nations, this process should’ve started years ago.

The Guyana Hemp Association also educated the department about hemp. This education included making the distinction between marijuana and hemp. He believes that much of the vilification of the plant is the result of heavy indoctrination that favors foreign multinational corporations.

According to Doerga, hemp has excellent industrial and food applications. There are literally hundreds of applications for it. To learn more, the Guyana Hemp Association is holding a National Consultation on Hemp on June 10th at UG Campus in Turkeyen.

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