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Concentrate vape fans have been waiting a long time for the next Grenco Science vaporizer. Well, here it is! New vaporizer for 2021. And we have the Grenco G Pen Micro+ review. This puppy comes with all the goodies including a hemp carry case. Neat! But best of all, the ceramic and quartz heating chamber gets the most out of wax, shatter, and concentrates. CBD concentrate options are available from a number of sources.

In this review, we will cover the new G Pen Micro Plus. This will involve an overview of the technology as well as the material quality. Of course, it’s Grenco so we have high expectations. As should you. As vaporizer technology advances, companies improved technology allowing more capability in small devices. The desire for smaller devices is due to a preference for privacy. The G Pen Micro Plus is not much bigger than a pen. This is not a device you pass around among friends. This one is for you to use when you want and without anyone bothering you.

  • Not about using vaporizers: Kandy Pens, Pax, Davinci, Grenco Science, Storz & Bickell, VaporFi. These are just a few of the top brand names in vaporizer technology. Vaping delivers the active ingredients of waxes and herbs very efficiently. But be careful. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Try not to overheat the materials. And please don’t use cheap, low-quality devices sold online or in stores. Cheap heating coils and batteries can overheat and burn your materials.

G Pen Micro Plus Review

cbd concentrate vaporizer review of the grenco science g pen micro plus including ceramic quartz heating chamber

Getting into the meat and potatoes of the G Pen Micro Plus review, we look at what comes with it:

  • G Pen Micro+ device
  • Micro+ tank with 510 thread
  • Silicon mouthpiece assembly and tank cover
  • G Pen Micro Plus keychain tool
  • Hemp carry case
  • G Pen Micro+ USB battery charger

Powered by a 850 mAh battery, the G Pen Plus Micro utilizes new heat sensing technology to avoid burning your materials. This is a big deal as far as I am concerned. Plus I give high marks for a whopping 850 mAh battery in such a small package. Truly phenomenal. Most similar sized devices have a 500 mAh of less battery. The 850 mAh G Pen Micro+ battery means you can vape more between having to recharge.

The heating chamber is truly a master work. The ceramic lining with quartz liner combines the two absolute best elements for heating waxes and concentrates. I mean, you do not want metal heating coils for concentrated materials. The G Pen Micro Plus gets it right. And the vapor carries a nice, crisp flavor.

G Pen Micro+ Price

The G Pen Micro+ sells for under $80. If you find a G Pen Micro+ coupon you might be able to get it for as low as $70. Just make sure you get the real deal. There will be cop cats and clones out there. If buying from a dispensary or head shop, be careful. Check for authenticity before buying. Remember the fakes look like the real thing. But the risks of a fake include a low quality battery and no ceramic quarts heating. The counterfeiters are very good at their craft but quality is about the last thing that they care about. No one will be selling an authentic G Pen Micro+ for $60 or less. That does not make sense.

We will identify the best place to buy the G Pen Micro Plus vaporizer and post the information here. Hemp Unfiltered is currently researching the best places to buy the G Pen Micro Plus.


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