Eyce Oraflex Spiral Spoon Pipe Review

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Platinum cured silicone! That is what we are dealing with here. The Eyce Oraflex Spiral Spoon Pipe review goes deep. Well, as deep as one can in a hemp pipe review! Why am I even doing a hemp pipe review? Well, drawn in by the words “platinum cured silicone”. Yah, that just sounds too cool to ignore. Which means if IU drop it then it won’t break like a regular glass pipe. Because the silicone materials have a high tensile strength, which means less chance of breaking under tension. In addition, the construction is designed to withstand heat. Finally, the construction includes two layers of materials including a decorative layer that is beautiful and looks like artisanal glass.

I know what you want to know. Did I drop test it. Well, yes, That is the first thing I did for the Eyce Oraflex Spiral Spoon Pipe review. Did it break? No, it did not! It is hard to describe how this thing feels. By the way, what a handle/ The Eyce Oraflex Spiral Spoon Pipe. But Oraflex is in the name for a reason. The construction has some give and flex. That adds to strength and durability. I don’t know about you but I do not want to carry a glass pipe in my pocket when I am at work or otherwise active.

One more thing, be aware that I did not use the Spiral Spoon Pipe with a dab or concentrate. Just flower. The borosilicate glass bowl works great for hemp flower. However, I can’t say how it works for waxes, dabs, or concentrates. I believe that wax vaporizers are best for concentrates.

The Oraflex Spiral Spoon Bowl Is For Smoking

The Oraflex Spoon Pipe is used for smoking. Put the hemp flower or other materials in the pipe, light it, and smoke. That’s what this pipe is for, it is not a vaporizer like the G-Pen Micro Plus or any other vaporizer. We prefer vaporizing but smoking is still preferred by many of our readers. We understand. Smoking is quick and easy. Although messy. Be advised that several medical marijuana states, like New York, allow patients to vaporize but not smoke.

Some studies show that smoking hemp flower, or organic untreated hemp flower, causes less harm than smoking chemically treated materials. That may be true. But it is still smoking. Not judging but combustion does create some unwanted byproducts.

Eyce Oraflex Spiral Spoon Pipe Review

It looks like a glass pipe. It looks delicate and attractive. Well, it is attractive. But the double layered silicone construction is tougher than it looks. The bowl itself is made of glass, and that’s a good thing for flavor especially. The Oraflex Spiral Spoon Bowl review begins with a positive assessment of the appearance and construction. It looks like delicate, hand blown glass! But it is incredible tough. I did the drop tests and pocket tests. The company, Eyce Molds, claims that the Oraflex Spiral Spoon is “virtually indestructible”. In my opinion, that makes this little bowl portable. And portability is utility. You can actually take this with you and not worry about it breaking.

One thing I am always curious about with a pipe relates to how does it feel? Eyce Molds says the Oraflex Spiral Spoon design reflects the latest ergonomic design. And indeed it is very comfortable to hold. The shape and rounded edges feel comfortable when holding and when lighting. And always be careful when lighting the bowl.

The most important thing I want to know when doing a hemp smoking pipe review is how is the flavor. In this case, the flavor is fantastic. No doubt because of the borosilicate glass bowl. And by the way, the glass smoking bowl is removable. Should something happen to it, it can be replaced. But I can report that after using this pipe for over a week there is no signs of anything breaking. And I take this with me everywhere. Mostly to show other people! Because it looks cool. So that is a plus, too!

Where To Buy The Eyce Oraflex Spiral Spoon Online Cheap

Keep an eye on this section! As of today I have yet to find the best place to buy the Spiral Spoon. I will keep looking and update this review asap. I know you want to find the cheapest place to but the Oraflex online. And I hereby inform you right that that the cost will be between $25 and $30.

It is available for $29.99 online directly from Eyce right now.

Oraflex Spiral Spoon Pipe Specs

eyce oraflex spiral spoon pipe review

  • 4.25 inches long
  • 2 inch wide bowl
  • 1.75 inches in height
  • Dual layered construction
  • Design utility patent
  • Removable borosilicate glass bowl
  • 5 different colors
  • 4 pattern designs
  • Ergonomic design

Review Summary and Rating

  • Durability – 10/10 I can’t imagine making a smoking bowl that looks and smokes like blown glass that is as tough as the Oraflex Spiral Spoon pipe. Maybe if they made one out of steel, but that would not be practical or attractive. Not to mention it would be hot as the dickens and impractical to use. But this pipe is incredibly practical.
  • Flavor – 8/10 Look, when you smoke the flavor is never as vibrant as a dry herb vaporizer. Smoking, in general, diminishes flavor. However, the Eyce Oraflex Spiral pipe has really good flavor! Very surprising. I never thought I would give a smoking device this high of a score for flavor. But, here we are!
  • Price – 8/10 Priced at $30, you get a very good value. This lasts longer than any glass pipe, it delivers on flavor, and easy to use. It is a piece of fancy plastic and a glass bowl for $30 so that seems high! You can get a glass spoon pipe for $10. I know! But if you want one that lasts, I recommend the Oraflex.

The overall rating for the Eyce Oraflex Spiral Spoon review totals up at 8.3 out of 10. A very positive result. Summing up my review in a few words? The Oraflex Spiral Spoon is tough, genuinely practical to use on a regular basis, and has great flavor. I think that says it best.

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