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vape device review of the eleaf isolo s device

New! Hemp Unfiltered has an exclusive eLeaf iSolo S vape review.  This vape device uses regular nicotine vape juice. But it can also work with CBD vape juice. The iSolo S is a basic, hand-held sub ohm vape device. It comes with a builtin battery so you don’t have to buy any batteries or chargers to go with it. This particular vaping device fits in the palm of the hand.

I wanted to do the iSolo S vape kit review because Hemp Unfiltered is looking for vape devices that suit the demographic of people who are not technological aficionados. Not everyone wants a vape device that can communicate with the Hubble telescope and start your car from Paris! Technology is wonderful, but sometimes we just want a device that gets the job done. And that is the case with the iSolo S vape. easy to use, simple, and comes in at about $40. Also, factor into the price that users get everything you need with the kit. No separate batteries or chargers necessary. That’s a big deal because extra batteries and chargers double the price.

eLeaf iSolo S Review

The eLeaf iSolo S review begins with the basics. The iSolo S device comes with a built-in 1800 mAh battery. It is a small, handheld vape device that stands 75 mm tall, or about 3 inches. Power output ranges from 1 watt up to 80 watts. The device turns on by pushing the power button five times. The up and down buttons select the desired wattage setting. Press both the up and down button at the same time to access the menu and to lock in the settings.

The rounded device fits very comfortable into the hand. Whether a large hand or small hand, the comfort level stands out. A big plus for the locations of the power button because it is ideally located for ease of use. Look, I did the iSolo S review and I liked it mainly because of the small size and comfort level. This is not a big, boxy mod designed for huge vape clouds. This is a small, easy to use device made for privacy and convenience. Plus, if you want an all in one vape device for an affordable price, this could be your Huckleberry.

  • Hemp Unfiltered recommendation: Always slowly break in new vape coils. Start out at the lowest recommended wattage then take a few light hits. Slowly increase until the desired wattage is reached.

After using the device for the eLeaf iSolo S review, I can say that we prefer using the 0.5 oHm coil. The 0.2 oHm coil vapes great, but uses battery much faster. I also thought the 0.5 ohm coil delivered better flavor.

What Comes In the iSolo S Vape Kit?

  • The iSolo S vape mod with built in battery
  • A new eLeaf GX vape tank
  • 1 x 0.2 sub ohm GX coil
  • 1 x 0.5 sub ohm GX coil
  • USB battery charger
  • User manuals
  • Warranty card

Comes in black, bronze, silver, and blue color options. The eLeaf iSolo S vape kit price is typically just over the $40 mark.

eLeaf iSolo Specs



  • Built in 1800 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Stands 75.2 mm tall
  • 27.7 mm wide
  • 26.5 mm thick
  • Power range from 1 watt up to a maximum 80 watts
  • Constructed of zinc alloy
  • USB type C battery charger port
  • Digital display screen
  • Spring loaded 510 connection
  • Power/fire button and two smaller up and down adjustment buttons
  • Power and bypass mode

eLeaf GX Vape Tank

The eLeaf GX tank comes with the iSolo S starter kit. This new vape tank features a magnetic connection of the base of the tank to the top of the tank.

One of the things I discovered doing the eLeaf iSolo starter kit review was the adjustable airflow style. As usual, the adjustable airflow slot adjusts based on your preference. But in this case, the GX vape tank also has a honeycomb style airflow opening. I did not notice a major difference using the honeycomb style airflow but definitely a cool feature especially for those who prefer a stiff draw.

  • The 0.2 ohm coil should be used at 50 watts to 80 watts
  • The 0.5 ohm coil should be used at 25 watts to 45 watts


eLeaf GX Vape Tank Specs

review and tech specs of the eleaf gx vape tank that comes with the isolo s kit. uses 0.2 and 0.5 ohm gx coils

  • Stainless steel construction. Glass tank.
  • Non-standard 810 drip tip
  • 5 ml e-liquid capacity
  • 2ml e-liquid capacity for the European version to be TPD compliant
  • TPD is the European standard for vapor products and stands for Tobacco Products Directive
  • 24.5 mm diameter
  • 42.2 mm height
  • Top fill hatch
  • weighs in a 45 grams
  • Uses eLeaf GX 0.2 ohm and 0.5 ohm coils
  • 510 connection (so you can use it on other vape mods)
  • Adjustable airflow


eLeaf iSolo Vape Kit Review Summary

  • Device Form and Handling – 4.5/5

The iSolo S kit feels very good in the hand. The small size makes it easy to handle. The rounded corners are comfortable on the palm of the hand and the fire button is easy to use. The features are easy to access and change. Overall, she operates simply. And I like that. I want to vape not reprogram a satellite! The battery recharges fast, too. Just over an hour recharge time.

  • GX Tank – 4.2/5

The eLeaf GX vape tank is a good value. The tank is basic but the magnetic connections make it easier to use for some people. The coils work in other eLeaf devices which is a plus. Listen, it’s a good tank. I like the top fill port and ease of use. I am not sure about the non-standard 810 drip tip but I don;t know many drip tip swappers anyway!

  • eLeaf iSolo Price – 4.7/5

This is the heart of the matter. The eLeaf iSolo S vape review recommends this device, especially for CBD vapers, because it is small, easy to handle, and easy to use. Like most eLeaf products, you get a no frills, affordable device that works.

Use With CBD Vape Juice

The eLeaf iSolo S vape device works with CBD vape juice so long as it really is CBD vape liquid! Remember, do not put CBD oil in a vape tank. Also, the iSolo S is a sub ohm vape mod. Try to use CBD vape juice that has more VG than PG in the blend. For example, CBD Distillery vape juice is 85% VG. We recommend at least 70% VG CBD vape juice to use with the iSolo S vape device and GX tank.

Just to review, VG stands for vegetable glycerin. PG stands for propylene glycol. Both are everyday additives found in foods, medications, and even toothpaste. VG is a thicker liquid that generates more vapor. PG is a thinner liquid that does not generate as much vapor but is a better carrier of flavor.

There are two basic types of vaping, MTL and DL. MTL stands for mouth to lung. This is the same way you smoke a cigarette. DL stands for direct lung vaping, sometimes called direct to lung. Each style of vaping uses a different device. MTL devices use atomizers above 1.0 ohms in resistance. DL devices, or sub ohm vaping, uses atomizers with less than 1.0 ohms of resistance. The most common sub ohm coils sue either 0.5 ohm coils or 0.2 ohm coils. The lower the resistance, the more power is drawn from a battery.

The eLeaf iSolo S vape review used 0.5 ohm coils. The iSolo is is a sub ohm vape device. Therefore, it is best to use a primarily VG vape juice.

  • Use only with CBD vape juice designed for e-cig vape devices. Do not use CBD oil or tinctures.


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