Dr. Greenthumb’s X G Pen Micro + Vaporizer Review

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A tiny vaporizer with three temperature settings to customize the vapor experience. Our Dr. Greenthumb’s X G Pen Micro+ vaporizer review covers a new concentrates vaporizer. Basically a mini vaporizer. The X G Micro+ vape pen is tiny. It is about the size of a magic marker. In terms of terminology, a concentrate vape is usually called a vape pen. Now, most often vape pens do not have many features. But get this, Grenco science uses a quartz lined heating chamber, multiple temperature settings, and dual channel airflow. This represents an upgrade in vape pen technology.

Notice I mentioned Grenco Science. That’s right! Dr. Greenthumb’s cannabis and concentrate vapor products are made by Grenco Science. And that’s a good thing. Grenco Science makes good, affordable vapor products and has for many years. When doing any CBD vape review, we always prefer a company with a proven history. That’s not to say a new company can’t emerge with some amazing products. But getting a proven performing vape pen for about $90 is a known commodity. Plus, Grenco is knocking it out of the park with new technologies to enhance the vapor experience.

Why am I saying this? Is it because I want you to buy from Dr. Greenthumb’s? No. It is because I don’t want you to buy a copycat device or a cheap, generic device for a cheap price. Why? Because bad vaporizers negate the very benefits vaporizer users seek. For example, a cheap vape pen will probably not have a good battery. That means that the power output will not be consistent. Couple that with a cheap, metal heating chamber and you get burned materials. And people, burning is the entire thing we are trying to avoid here! That’s the point of a vaporizer!

Dr. Greenthumb’s X G Pen Micro+ Vape Pen Review

We have a lot to go over with the Dr. Greenthumb’s X G Pen Micro+ vaporizer review. As mentioned earlier, the X G Pen Micro + is a vaporizer that uses concentrates, not dry herb. When using a vape pan for CBD or other concentrates, a quartz or ceramic heating chamber is a must. Do not compromise on this. Fortunately, the Greenthumb X G Micro pen features both. And by that I mean is has both a quartz liner and ceramic heating plate. I doubt I would be reviewing this product if it did not have those essential features.

So in the rest of the review Hemp Unfiltered covers all of the details. But before we get into it, let’s begin with the overall DGT X G Pen Micro+ review ratings:

  • Device Quality – 8/10
  • Battery Life – 8/10
  • Value – 8.5
  • Flavor – 9/10
  • Overall Rating – 8.4/10

An 8.4 out of ten rating is excellent. Particularly for a vape pen with so many features for $89. The cheap $50 vape pens at the dispensary aren’t going to have the same quality. And the cheap devices probably will not have quartz and ceramic heating. But I digress. I awarded the highest rating for flavor. The flavor is perhaps the best of any wax vape pen that I ever used. I credit the heating chamber, precision temperature control, and the ceramic vapor pathway. At no point do the materials or vapor ever come into contact with any metal.

Grenco Science Dr. Greenthumb’s X G Pen Micro Plus Specs

  • Rechargeable 850 mAh lithium ion battery
  • 90 minute recharge time
  • Can vape while charging (known as pass through charging)
  • Smart chip technology for consistent, even power output
  • Three temperature settings (low, medium, and high)
  • USB charger with C type connection
  • Haptic feedback (vibrates when heat up temperature reached)
  • Four components, 510 connection to battery
  • Lightweight, about four inches in height
  • Manual session or automatic heat mode

Important Features

After going through all the usual tests for the Grenco Dr. Greenthumb’s X G Micro+ review, I believe that these features stand out. In addition, these features should be on anyone’s list of requirements for any CBD concentrates vape pen.

  • Quartz lined heating chamber. This is absolutely essential for any half-decent concentrate vaporizer. THC concentrates, CBD concentrates from hemp, or any concentrates be it wax, shatter, rosin, etc vaporize best with quartz or ceramic heating chambers. You do not want a metal heating chamber for any concentrate. Quartz, in my view, is the standard. DGT X G Pen Micro earns a good review here in large part because of the quartz liner. Furthermore, the X G Pen Micro offers a ceramic heating plate. So, best of both worlds. A fantastic combination of heating processes.
  • Three temperature settings. Customize the vapor experience with three temperature settings on the Greenthumb’s X G Pen Micro+ device. The three settings are low, medium, and high. The blue light indicates low. The green light indicates medium. And the red light indicates high. But think of it this way: mellow, normal, and intense!
  • Heat Up Time. Be ready to vape in less than a minute. Most vape pens are like that. However, if you are a veteran of vaping hemp concentrates then you probably know what it’s like to try a hit before the materials are vaporized. That doesn’t happen here because as I learned in my Dr. Greenthumb’s X G Pen Micro+ review, the device vibrates when ready to vape. Such a small thing but really makes a difference.
  • X G Pen Micro+ Tank.  This was my best surprise of the entire review process. The Dr. Greenthumb’s X G Pen Micro Plus tank is amazing. The food grade silicone mouthpiece is comfortable and cool. In addition, the tank features a ceramic vapor pathway and that means better flavor. Just excellent.

What Comes In The Dr. Greenthumb’s X G Pen Micro+ Kit?


When you buy the Dr. Greenthumb’s X G Micro+ vape pen, you get all of the following included:

  • Dr. Greenthumb’s X G Pen Micro+ device
  • Internal 850 mAh battery
  • G Pen Micro+ tank with 510 connection
  • Silicone mouthpiece and cover
  • Cleaning tool (keychain style)
  • Hemp carry case
  • USB charging cable

Review Summary

Overall Rating 8.4/10

Hemp Unfiltered finds that the Grenco Science Dr. Greenthumb’s X G Pen Micro Plus vaporizer meets all of our minimum standards. We recommend this product for our readers seeking a CBD wax vape device. The combination of a ceramic heating plate, quartz lined heating chamber, and ceramic vapor pathway delivers a pure flavor. While those three elements contribute to a vibrant vapor flavor, there is more to it. Specifically, we found the consistency to be fantastic. The consistency is due to the smart chip technology, which precisely controls power output. That sounds like mumbo jumbo! Allow me to explain.

With a lesser vape pen with a lower quality battery, power outputs are uneven. One hit might draw 2.5 volts and a satisfying hit. But because the battery sucks, the next hit draws 1.7 volts and barely any vapor. The smart chip technology ensures each hit draws the same power output. And that makes a huge difference. Not many devices this size boast that type of technology. The combination of size, privacy, convenience, and technology packed into the X G Pen Micro+ are why Hemp Unfiltered is giving this device our recommendation.

Congratulations to the designers at Grenco Science! They put a lot of thought into this! Hemp and CBD vapers will enjoy it! What we have is a lot of advanced features in a vape pen that is about the size of a marker!

NOTE: Dr. Greenthumb’s branded products sometimes list as DGT.

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