Clint Eastwood Wins $6.1 Million CBD Lawsuit

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clint eastwood won a 6 million dollar law suit against a lithuanian cbd company

Legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood won his lawsuit against a Lithuanian CBD company. Dirty Harry found out that the Lithuanian company was using his name and image to promote their product without his permission. In fact, Eastwood rarely endorses any commercial products. The only time he ever did a TV commercial was a Super Bowl ad years ago promoting America’s recovery after the 2008 financial crash. The actor called the company “scam artists”.

To be clear, Mr. Eastwood is not saying anything against CBD or hemp. Rather all of his animus is directed at the company using his name without permission. Neither the lawsuit nor judgment impugns CBD. The liability here lays with the conduct of the Lithuanian CBD brand. As a result, Hemp Unfiltered urges our readers to push back on any rumors this decision reflects on cannabidiol.

The company in Lithuania used Eastwood to promote their product for 16 months. Eastwood and his company, Garrapata, originally demanded $30 million in damages. Ultimately, the judge determined that it would be more reasonable. US District Court Judge R. Gary Klausner, in California, calculated that he would expect the actor would be paid in the order of $6 million for a 16 month endorsement deal. So you know the basis for the $6 million dollar award. Eastwood told Rolling Stone magazine that he was pleased with the court’s decision.

Hemp Unfiltered congratulates Mr. Eastwood. The man acts in and directs famous movies. I’m a fan since Josey Wales came out. And who can forget Dirty Harry!

A warning to CBD companies, do not use Clint Eastwood for your marketing! Or else, he will make your day! In court.

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