Cindy Crawford’s Favorite CBD Bath Salts

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famous fashion model uses hemp bath salt to get a better nights sleep

Like most of us, Cindy Crawford often has trouble getting a good night of sleep. Her secret? She calls it a re-set. Specifically, re-setting with a nice bath. And Cindy is a believer in CBD bath salts. The supermodel and star of the 90s action thriller Fair Game said that she is a total bath girl. A nice soak helps her recharge. Crawford said that she is not sure if she notices a difference with CBD, but she is referring to Lord Jones CBD bath salts!

Crawford likes a variety of scents. She really likes the different minerals in bath salts. The actress discussed how the minerals are important for recovering from long days on your feet as well as preparing for winter. As you know, winter is flu season. When our bodies become run down, that increases susceptibility to seasonal bugs.

It may be that the most beneficial thing about a bath in scented salts and minerals is simply the relaxation. In my view, the beauty of a bath is the relaxation. The warm water and scents help. But perhaps above all is the benefit of experiencing a moment of solitude. A place free from interruption. Where you know the next hour will be all yours. Completely yours!

Taking a bath is a gift to yourself.

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