Bubba Watson’s New Book Discusses Cannabidiol

bubba watson new book discusses cbd

Professional golf legend Bubba Watson’s new book is turning heads. In this autobiography, we learn of just how hard it is to make the highest levels of professional sports. And the toll it takes to stay there. Bubba also talks about using CBD to help him relax and manage the stress. As it turns out, he even had himself drug tested to make sure that the CBD did not cause him to test positive for THC. But we know that the amount of THC in CBD products is 0.3% or less.

Think back to all of the drug scandals involving professional athletes. Baseball players, football players, even NHL hockey players being arrested in Las Vegas after winning the Stanley Cup. And society thinks nothing of it. Just the norm. But here is Bubba Watson talking about how a non-psychoactive supplement helps him mage the pressures of his hectic life and people cast a wary eye? It does not make sense. Cannabidiol is not cocaine, marijuana, or pain killers. It’s a plant ingredient that has anti-inflammatory properties and many people claim it helps them with stress. Help to sleep. Help to relax. In other words, to help people reach their potential. Even at the highest levels of competition in the world with millions of dollars at stake.

The stigma attached to CBD is unfair. But understandable. There are generations of conditioning society to see the cannabis plant as “The Devil’s Lettuce”! But look, take the THC out of the equation and the hemp plant amazes. Hemp is nutritious, industrious, and people say it helps them to sleep and relax. Defeating this stigma is not easy. In fat, it is probably the biggest impediment to the hemp business. But we keep trying! And welcome aboard Bubba Watson! You are helping people understand the difference.

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