About us

Welcome to Hemp Unfiltered! We are just getting started. Our goal is to cover everything we can about hemp and CBD. We are talking about a truly marvelous plant. Hemp can be used to make just about anything. And CBD delivers tremendous benefits for a lot of people according to endless personal testimonials. But more on that in a minute. First, you want to know who we are.

Are we some big company or some internet marketing team using cheap content writers. No, we are just a few people. Everyday people with day jobs. My wife drives for DoorDash and I have worked in health products for 10 years now. Our content team includes three terrific experts in the business. They help us out so much and we appreciate it. Why? Because we tell our experts that they can be unfiltered. They do not have to sell or promote anything they don’t want to. As a result, anything we review or recommend is because our team believes in it.

We Are About Hemp Not THC

Another thing that we believe in is hemp and CBD. Not THC. That includes CBD isolates and other pure CBD products. Why? Because our focus is on wellness. Benefits gained via CBD. Plus, we stay out of grey areas. If you want THC products try Leafly.

We do earn affiliate commissions. But look, we can affiliate anything. So this is not a case of promoting something for money. We promote what we believe in. Unfiltered.